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i'm new of WSO2 ESB. I installed the 4.7.0 version. I'm trying my first approach to RESTFul Web Services developed using CXF framework. I want to publish a first Hello World example. I downloaded and installed the WSO2 dev studio for eclipse Juno. I had to install the application server feature. So from the configuration tab in the ESB GUI i selected the "features" link, clicked on the "find features" button and then selected Application Server.
The installation worked fine. But when i try to run a web service through the "Find Service" link i GET the 404 Status error from Tomcat 7... telling me that resource was not found.
Did i miss something? what's wrong in the installation procedure?
thanks a lot.
PS the service works fine on the WSAS stand alone 5.1.0

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If you want to deploy RESTFul Web Services developed using CXF framework, you have to define the required environment (CXF) in repository/conf/tomcat/webapp-classloading.xml (Note: this will be available after you install the AS features in to the ESB) or with in the app (META-INF/webapp-classloading.xml).

Also the required resources (jars) should be located in ${carbon.home}/lib/runtimes. In the default ESB 4.7 distribution the CXF related resources are not in this location. So as a solution you can copy the directory ${carbon.home}/lib/runtimes/cxf of the AS 5.1.0 distribution into the ${carbon.home}/lib/runtimes of ESB 4.7. You have to create a folder name runtimes inside the lib folder.

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thanks a lot... can i develop restful web service using jersey framework too? –  Alex Aug 28 '13 at 15:41
WSO2 AS supports JAX-RS (311) , therefore it should be possible to do that. –  Sumedha Aug 29 '13 at 8:44

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