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Calendar should have functions like,

User should be able to set an appointment based on time and date.

Calendar will warn user if a conflicted appointment occur.

Please describe what Classes, data structure and design pattern you will use.

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This isn't a great interview question. – Jed Smith Nov 29 '09 at 8:31
@Jed, Why? It is simple enough to do within a few minutes and gives an interviewer insight into how a programmer will want to store information and how they write out requirements. – sakkaku Nov 29 '09 at 8:58
I agree with Jed. It seems kind of arbitrary. As a side note, "calendar" is spelled with an "a". – Andy West Nov 29 '09 at 10:30
As stated this would be a good warm-up question. Might be fun to then implement, "you have calendars for n people, and want to find a good time for a 1-hour meeting, write code to do that." Then add meeting rooms, proximity to participants, size of rooms, etc. You could easily fill an hour with a strong candidate. I'm curious about what your actual question is, though, do you want us to provide an actual answer or comment on the question? – Moishe Lettvin Nov 29 '09 at 18:26
I am just a 2nd year computer science student so I am not the one who made the question. I was actually applying for an internship at SAP and I got this question in the interview. It is my first technical interview question and I didn't quite liked it either. I tried preparing this interview by googling interview questions but it seems not a lot of them are about design questions. so yes, I kind of want an actual answer if possible. – freshWoWer Dec 1 '09 at 3:18
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There's no right answer. If I asked this question I'd be looking for the interviewee to do things like:

Draw some pictures (or write some code, or verbally describe -- but I'd prefer pictures) some classes and how they're related. Probably an "appointment" class that contains a start time, a duration, perhaps location, and a user. Any other classes?

Discuss how you'd store these appointments to retrieve them in ways you'd want them. It would be nice to know how to get the set of appointments for a particular time span for a particular user -- what data structure (or database design) would you use to make this feasible? Could you use, for instance, some sort of tree structure that breaks down time spans recursively and could contain these appointments?

Then like I said in my comment, start talking about more complicated scenarios -- recurring appointments, like JB King mentioned, are a great example. Multiple users, or multiple calendars per user, and so on.

I think the trick to answering this question is to just get started talking about what you would do if you actually had to solve this problem in code: how would you start? Break down the problem and change it from a vague question to a concrete one so you can attack it.

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At first glance, there would be an Appointment class that would consist of a date, time, title and description. Would there be the need for recurring appointments? Would there be reminders? There are lots of questions in terms of digging out the requirements here that would lead to a few discussion points.

Another point here is that this would be similar to Chandler, so I would consider looking at their code for some more ideas of what would be needed.

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