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The situation is that I am trying to get code I got off the Internet (http://findingscience.com/pymur/) to compile and I DO NOT HAVE SUDO PERMISSIONS on the machines I'm working on.

I've traced the problem down to one line in configure.ac that goes:

   AC_MSG_ERROR([Could not find lemur's header files.])

Because I'm getting error messages from ./configure that say:

checking indri/Index.hpp usability... no
checking indri/Index.hpp presence... no
checking for indri/Index.hpp... no
configure: error: Could not find lemur's header files.

I have tried directly modifying it such that indri/Index.hpp has hard coded path like /path/to/indri/Index.hpp which doesn't seem to help.

Any solution that gets the code to compile without me needing to modify directories such as /usr (since I don't have root privileges) would be appreciated.

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And ./configure --prefix=/path/to doesn't work? What are you modifying? How are you running configure? –  ldav1s Aug 9 '13 at 19:02
@ldav1s The prefix option doesn't work. I'm directly modifying the configure.ac file, the one that's used by autoconf to generate the configure file. –  JasonMond Aug 9 '13 at 21:19
Modifying configure.ac is absolutely the wrong thing to do. Install the header in your home directory and set CPPFLAGS appropriately. –  William Pursell Aug 9 '13 at 23:43

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Normally, I would do what William Pursell suggests. Unfortunately, that won't work. I tried it. There's a bug in the pymur package where configure.ac relies on a very old version of the AC_PYTHON_DEVEL macro which clobbers CPPFLAGS before checking indri/Index.hpp, so those directories will not be in the g++ command line.

If you want to get past that problem, you have to get a more updated version of that macro from the Autoconf Macro Archive and copy it to acinclude.d (after removing acinclude.d/ac_python_devel.m4) and rerunning autogen.sh. I was able to invoke CPPFLAGS="-I /path/to/indri/include" ./configure and not have it trip over that particular problem.

This is really a problem that the pymur maintainer should fix.

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You absolutely do not need or want to modify configure.ac. Just install the header files somewhere that you do have write permissions and tell the configure script how to find them. For example, if you install the headers in your HOME directory (so that $HOME/include/indri/Index.hpp exists), then run:

configure CPPFLAGS=-I$HOME/include

That should work on the majority of platforms. Note that modifying configure.ac with the path /path/to/indri/Index.hpp will fail because your toolchain will use that as a relative path and is probably looking in places like /usr/include/path/to/indri/Index.hpp.

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