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Below is the code for my program. I'm attempting to find the value of the integral of 1/ln(x), and then evaluate the integral from 0 to x, with this as the integrand. I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing wrong, but I am quite new to Scilab.

t = input("t");
x=10; while x<t, x=x+10,
function y=f(x), y=(1/(log (x))), endfunction
function z=g(x), z=I, endfunction
W = intg(0,x,z);
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I'm not entirely sure on what you are trying to achieve, but I reformatted your code and added some suggestions to documentation. Maybe it will help you in finding the answer.

While loop

You can convert your while loop to a for loop

Your code

while x<t
   //some code

Could be

for x=10:10:t
   //some code


In your code, you redeclare the two functions every single iteration of the while loop. You could declare them outside the while loop and call them inside the loop.


t = input("Please provide t: ");

// The function of 1/ln(x)
function y=f(x), y=1/log(x), endfunction

// Every time g(x) is called the current value of I is returned
function z=g(x), z=I, endfunction

for x=10:10:t

    //Find definite integral of function f from 2 to x 
    I = intg(2,x,f);

    //Find definite integral of I from 0 to x
    W = intg(0,x,g);

    disp( string(W) ); 
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