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Is it possible to see definition of Q_SIGNALS, Q_SLOT, SLOT(), SIGNAL() macros in Qt framework?

P.S. Google gave me nothing in this question.

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You have the Qt headers, all you had to do was search through them. – rohanpm Nov 29 '09 at 23:31
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Form qobjectdefs.h, for a non-debug compilation:

#define Q_SLOTS
#define Q_SIGNALS   protected
#define SLOT(a)     "1"#a
#define SIGNAL(a)   "2"#a

The Q_SLOTS and Q_SIGNALS declarations are only treated specially by the moc run, in the final compilation they reduce to simple method declarations. SIGNAL() and SLOT() create names from the provided signatures.

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Also, you can look at the output files of moc (in your build directory) to see what it did with the macros. – Adam W Jan 7 '10 at 22:27

With visual studio - right click the identifier you're interested in and choose "Go To Definition" or press F12.
If you have Visual Assist, this can also be done with Alt+G when the VS mechanism doesn't work so well.

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