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I am using the new scheduler service within Windows Azure Moblie Services. I wanted to know if I can do an HTTP post from the script?

Here is my scenario: I have built a service that goes out and does some logic and updates my database with the results. In a certain condition, I would like it to notify me via SMS text message. => Enter Twilio.

Twilio has a RESTful api for me to communicate with cellphones via a simple HTTP POST. How can I generate the HTTP post from the script within the scheduler to post (something) to an external API?

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Easiest way it to use Twilio Module for nodejs.

Blog post how to use modules on your server side script.

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Twilio evangelist here.

Heres some Azure documentation on using Twilios node.js library with Mobile Services:

Hope that helps.

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Since I had a management website already on AZURE anyway, I just wrote a custom handler passing the data and then using the extremely easy-to-use Twilio .NET Rest api:

  • Created an (Notify.ashx) http handler
  • Downloaded the Twilio Rest API helper library
  • Added the following code to my handler

    Dim twilio = New TwilioRestClient(myAccountSid, myAuthToken)
    Dim twilio_message = twilio.SendSmsMessage(FromTwilioPhone, ToCellphone, message)
  • Added this to my Server Script:

    function notify(uniqueident) {
        var url = "http://{mywebsite}" + uniqueident;
        request(url, function siteLoaded (error, response, body) {
                    if (!error && response.statusCode == 200) {
                        console.log('Notification sent: ' + uniqueident);
                    } else { 
                        console.error('Could not contact azure.');

What would be really nice is that if WindowsAzure had a add-on (app service) for Twilio like #SendGrid. (hint... hint...)

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