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When I run this in IPython:

r = (100, 300)
b = 100
plt.figure(figsize=(8, 6))
plt.xlabel('Picker time (ms)')
plt.hist(sequential['X0'], range=r, bins=b, color='blue')
plt.hist(stateful['X0'], range=r, bins=b, color='green')
plt.hist(standard['X0'], range=r, bins=b, color='red')

The xlabel text of the first plot gets lost under the second. Here's the plot:

enter image description here

You can just see the top of the "P" sticking out. How do I provide xlabels for subplots without this happening?

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You can use plt.tight_layout() to adjust the subplots so that the x-label is visible.

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As an alternative to @Molly's excellent suggestion a more manual approach is to use


Since your x axes are all the same, I would suggest setting hspace=0.0 and removing the x axis labels (use plt.set_xticklabels([])). This saves space and reduces the amount of repeated information.

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