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In the rebar documentation, it says that making documentation supports an option called edoc_opts, which accepts options accepted by the edoc module.

In the module's description of the get_doc/2 function, it says it accepts a proplist of options, including {private, true} to generate private documentation.

In my Makefile, I have the following:

    rebar skip_deps=true edoc_opts=[{private, true}] doc

However, rebar complains, saying that the command "true}]" is not understood or applicable.

What is the correct way to get rebar to generate private documentation?

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Put the option in the rebar.config file, each line is a tuple of the for {tool,[optionList]}. :

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Thank you - exactly what I needed. –  Cody Poll Aug 13 '13 at 20:54

The answer is in the question: to get rebar to generate private documentation, you need to pass {private, true} in edoc_opts option.

You can pass this option in rebar.config file or on the command line as you do in your Makefile. In that case, you should escape the space or quote the argument. Otherwise, rebar will get edoc_opts=[{private, and true}] as two arguments.

Please note that the rebar.config solution feels more natural to many than using a Makefile. Properly configured, you would do rebar doc instead of make docs.

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