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I have a GridView on the form. It's DataSource is set to be a BindingSource.

Me.dgThings.DataSource = Me.bsThings

BindingSource's datasource is set to be a dataset:

bsThings.DataSource = dsThings

These are set in the Form's designer.

When form loads, a new thread is created that fills dsThings with data. With this setup, the application would occasionally throw the following Exception:

 System.InvalidOperationException: BindingSource cannot be its own data source. 
 Do not set the DataSource and DataMember properties to values that refer back to BindingSource.
 at System.Windows.Forms.BindingSource.get_Count()

This exception would occur about 20% of the time. Reading through Microsoft's recommendation, it becomes apparent that background thread should not try too access any elements of the UI. Even though data-set doesn't seem to be the UI element though, it looks like application treats it as part of UI.

Following this advice from Microsoft, I removed the data binding from the form's designer and did the following: in my background thread method I invoke the delegate:


The method itself does the binding:

 Private Sub DataBindToGrid()
     Me.dgThings.DataSource = Me.bsThings
 End Sub

This, fixed the issue. The above mentioned exception never occurs.

My question is WHY?

The application is still effectively doing the grid binding on the UI thread, but in this case no more exceptions are occurring.


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