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When following the basic setup example for a perl service on dotcloud ("ramen app example") I keep getting a "uWSGI error Perl application not found" when I do a "dotcloud push" and then "dotcloud open" on the dotcloud CLI. It seems that the code push is successful with newly generated URL's but I keep getting the error when I open the URL. This is my first time deploying a perl Dancer application. Any thoughts on how to resolve this? Thanks.

The steps I took on linux terminal:

1. Environment Setup

mkdir ramen-on-dotcloud
cd ramen-on-dotcloud
dotcloud create ramen

2. Created build file "dotcloud.yml "
and placed it on top root "ramen-on-dotcloud"

  type: perl
  approot: helloperl
    - App::cpanminus

3. Generated a sample PSGI application (perl Dancer)

cpanm Dancer
cd ramen-on-dotcloud
dancer -a helloperl
echo "require 'bin/app.pl';" > helloperl/app.psgi

4. Add support for PSGI application by editing makefile.pl and adding Plack in the dependencis.

    'Test::More'  =>  0,
    'YAML'        =>  0,
    'Dancer'      =>  1.3113,
    'Plack'       =>  0,

5. Push application to dotcloud

dotcloud push

6. At this point the code is pushed successfully so I open generated URL's

dotcloud open

Then I get this error...

uWSGI Error

Perl application not found

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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I went ahead, added the steps. Thanks. –  JCB Aug 9 '13 at 18:40

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Running Step#3 generates the files required for a Dancer project on the fly. I wonder if it might be this step that's causing the problem you're seeing. It might be related to how cpanm Dancer is installed locally.

I've run all the steps and uploaded the working project here: https://github.com/johncosta/example-dancer-on-dotcloud

git clone https://github.com/johncosta/example-dancer-on-dotcloud
dotcloud create dancer
dotcloud push dancer

Does this yield better results?

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Thank you for the fast response John. I was the same person who submitted the ticket to dotcloud, and you were the one who replied back. Soon after posting the steps I took to get to the error here on stack I realized the issue, and just like you stated it was step 3 that was not playing nice with the cpanm Dancer local installation. I simply skipped the command "cpanm Dancer", and sure enough it created a perl Dancer app on the fly, and was able to open the URL's with no issues at all. Goodbye uWSGI Error :) Thanks John. –  JCB Aug 10 '13 at 2:43

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