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I have read a few post similar to this, but they dont quite have the answer I want. Basically, I am struggling to do pass by reference with this File::find function. The original code is huge. So I take out pieces of the code.

Note that

$node,$ref_p, $ref_alphaSUM ,$ref_rank, $ref_sorted_alpha, $output_file

are all variables or references of global variables. I need to recursively traverse through the directories and apply the &eachFile subroutine to each file, which will update my variables stated above. The "&whichFiles" subroutine just sorts the filenames.

First problem: Since not all files in the directories contains the string nfcapd, i have added the line if(/^nfcapd./) to check the if the name of the file contains this string. But since I am also passing those variables above to eachFile, the "$_" cannot be used now.

Thus, I believe This is why I kept getting the following error:(please correct me if I am wrong):

Use of uninitialized value $File::Find::name in pattern match (m//) at
    ./ line 178, <PRE> line 65184 (#1)

Line 178 is the line where if(/^nfcapd./) appears in the code below. This leads to 2nd problem: How to do pass by reference within find function and at the same time preserving a variable for the name of file such that I can still check if the "&eachFile" is being applied to the correct files?

use strict;
use warnings;
use File::Find;

find ({wanted => \&eachFile($node,$ref_p, $ref_alphaSUM ,$ref_rank, $ref_sorted_alpha, $output_file), preprocess => \&whichFiles},$flow_data_path);

sub eachFile    {
    my ($node , $ref_p, $ref_alphaSUM ,$ref_rank, $ref_sorted_alpha , $output_file) = @_;
             #do something
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To pass variables to your wanted sub, you need a closure:

sub eachFile {
    my ($node , $ref_p, $ref_alphaSUM ,$ref_rank, $ref_sorted_alpha , $output_file) = @_;

        #do something

my $wanted = sub { eachFile($node,$ref_p, $ref_alphaSUM ,$ref_rank, $ref_sorted_alpha, $output_file) };

find({wanted => $wanted, ...});
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