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I have a service exposed via WCF. The service exposes several methods that talk to the database through a Linq to SQL datacontext. The datacontext is bound to the CallContext. All of this is working as it should but I can't figure out the proper place to dispose the Linq to SQL datacontext. Please help.

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What do you mean when say "bound to the CallContext"? – Mike Chaliy Nov 29 '09 at 12:46
CallContext.SetData("DataContext", new ModelContext()); – Ali Kazmi Nov 29 '09 at 13:44

I believe that best practice is to create and dispose Linq to SQL context in every call.

public void DoSomething(){

   using(var c = new MoldeContext()){
       // Do something..
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I think I found the answer. I'll mark this as the answer if there isn't a better one by tomorrow. I used the OperationContext.Current.OperationCompleted event to dispose the DataContext.

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I've found this Unit of Work approach really helpful. The blog post explains very well the trade-offs between the options. Also, you might want to check this post that deals with threading issues.

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In this post Stephen Walther says that we should not Dispose the DataContext

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