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Let me run you through what I've done exactly then go on to the problem.

In my Codeigniter project I have an accordion group (bootstrap) where one of the groups, or tabs, is an ajax table of data from by database.

I have successfully added pagination into my Model and Controller and is showing up in my View.

The problem lies in when I try to click on the next page like for my pagination. It give me an error saying the page its looking for cannot be found.

I have used the following tutorial to help me set pagination up : http://phpmaster.com/pagination-with-codeigniter/

I am under the assumption it is occurring because the $config['base_url'] is set to my site_url (within my config file) e.g. www.website.com/example. In which case, its not just calling the view just for the ajax table. It's calling the view for the whole page.

How can I get around this?

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