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I'm trying to set a background-img in my css.liquid file, and I need to get YAML variables in the page. How can I do that? This is what I have so far:

background-image: url({{ page.locales[page.default_locale][page.first_name] }});

I also had this:

background-image: url('{{ page.first_name }}{{ page.last_name }}.jpg');
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found a similar question here: – Aaron Chiao Feb 27 '15 at 15:16

Only files with a YAML front matter section, and with the extensions .html, .markdown, .md, or .textile get processed by Jekyll.

You could hack this to get it working by saving your CSS file with one of those extensions, and including a YAML front matter section. That seems like a pretty clumsy way to do it, and it'll make for some ugly code, but it might work.

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Just use these styles 'inline' and not in your css.liquid file. That is by far the easiest (and least ugly) solution.

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