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I'm trying to work with lists in Visual Haskell Studio, but it doesn't recognize import Sytem.List neither does it recognize import List. How can I use simple list functios in VHS? Urgent! Thank you so much in advance!!!

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Do you mean:

import Data.List

I suggest always using Data.* for anything in the Data libraries, rather than regular List or Ratio

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First of all, I will point out that Visual Haskell Studio is an (outdated) IDE plugin, and not an implementation of Haskell itself. I suspect the underlying implementation is GHC.

Second, List is in Data.List, not System.List. If you don't know where a library is, but you know of a function that exists in that library, you can use Hoogle, which appears to be down right now. An alternative you can use while Hoogle is down, is Hayoo.

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hayoo.info is now live -- nice, short URL :) –  ephemient Dec 1 '09 at 18:05

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