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I am about to migrate a project from SQL Server to MySQL. I am looking for a good book that will quickly get me up to speed with MySQL (that assumes I already have a good knowledge of relational databases).

Any recommendations?

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The MySQL Cookbook is definitely my book of choice for coming into MySQL from other systems like Postgres or MS SQL.

From the summary:

MySQL Cookbook presents solutions to scores of problems related to the MySQL database server. Readers stand a good chance of finding a ready-made solution to problems such as querying databases, validating and formatting data, importing and exporting values, and using advanced features like session tracking and transactions.

Here: MySQL Cookbook

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I also found the official docs to be very well written and quick to access as a reference guide. Once you figure out the basic differences, what more could you want?

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I suggest you search "MySQL" at Amazon.com and look for the related books which got at least 4 stars. "MySQL in a Nutshell, 2nd edition", "High Performance MySQL, 2nd edition", and "MySQL, 4th edition" seems good to me.

boxoft.biz ... Great software service from China.

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