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I have my console app (TestEngine) and it's launching an executable (ikvm.exe) using ProcessStartInfo and Process.Start. In an msbuild script, I call TestEngine many times with different parameters.

<Target Name="testDatasource">
    <Exec Command="TestEngine testDatasource" />
<Target Name="testDocument">
    <Exec Command="TestEngine testDocument" />

I'm using a single target to call all of these other targets.

<Target Name="testAll">
    <CallTarget Targets="testDatasource;testDocument;..." />

The problem is that on the fourth call, the process that TestEngine launches is returning exit code 1, but for some reason, that's stopping the testAll target. TestEngine isn't setting the exit code, so I guess it's the launched process that's doing it - is that true? I'm searching through the docs, but I haven't found anything about this yet.

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Sounds like TestEngine is observing that the process ended abnormally, and gave up. (normal exit would have returned an exit code of 0). –  Robert Harvey Aug 9 '13 at 22:01

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