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I'm using XE4 and trying to determine how many monitors are attached in an HD Firemonkey application. In a VCL application you get this information from Screen.MonitorCount. What is the Firemonkey equivalent?

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You will find all the necessary information in this SO question. In short, you will have to write platform specific code. – Peter Aug 9 '13 at 22:45
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There isn't one, as far as I can tell.There's a previous SO question that discusses this being something you'll have to code yourself that's platform-specific, and the documentation clearly says that multiple screen support is for Windows only (emphasis mine):

A global variable of type TScreen called Screen is created when you create a project. Screen encapsulates the state of the screen on which your application is running. Common tasks performed by Screen include specifying:

  • The look of the cursor.
  • The size of the window in which your application is running.
  • A list of fonts available to the screen device.
  • Multiple screen behavior (Windows only).

If your Windows application runs on multiple monitors, Screen maintains a list of monitors and their dimensions so that you can effectively manage the layout of your user interface.

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