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I have written a web application using Pyramid, a Python web framework.

In one page of my web application, I'd like to implement dialogs. I'm trying to learn AngularJS with AngularUI Bootstrap to achieve this (here an example of dialogs with AngularUI).

My page will show a total of 7 dialogs. These dialogs will display text and images, and receive and validate input. Dialog flow is not linear; there are conditional dialogs and multiple branches of execution.

Please look at this example of displaying an AngularUI Bootstrap dialog. example.js:5-21 configures dialog display options. The parameter template contains the HTML to be displayed:

template:  t, // OR: templateUrl: 'path/to/view.html',

where, in the example, var t contains some static example markup:

var t = '<div class="modal-header">'+
        '<h3>This is the title</h3>'+

Now, In Pyramid, URLs are not mapped directly to files or folders; instead, URLs are compared with registered routes. So, for example, it does not make sense to request http://site.com/path/to/view.html. Instead, you would code:

config.add_route('my_route', '/my_feature')

@view_config(route_name='my_route', renderer='/path/to/view.html')

Which would render view.html if you call http://site.com/my_feature.

How can I use a Pyramid view as a templateUrl?

Because Pyramid abstracts URLs into views, I can't provide a templateUrl to a static HTML file (e.g. abc.html). Any URL I provide goes through Pyramid's routing system.

I've tried giving templateUrl to static HTML files with success. But any Pyramid-routed URL fails and the dialog doesn't show up.

What's the solution?


I had accidentally used template instead of templateUrl.

Make sure it says templateUrl: '/your-pyramid-view' instead of template: '/your-pyramid-view'.

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I've checked AngularUI code and all it does is perform a GET in order to load the template file. It doesn't do any validation whatsoever (the template could be any type of file). I assembled a small Sinatra app to test it, and everything worked fine. Are you sure your Pyramid-routed URL is working and returning any data? –  Michael Benford Aug 10 '13 at 18:20
Thanks Michael, your validation made me check over stupid careless errors. –  Jason Aug 12 '13 at 17:24

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You should be able to serve static html files with a static view:

config.add_static_view(name='partials', path='yourpythonpackage:partials')

If abc.html is in yourpythonpackage/partials then your templateUrl can be set to /partials/abc.html.

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I didn't end up trying this because it worked after fixing a careless error, but thanks anyways. –  Jason Aug 12 '13 at 17:25

And, don't forget the

config.add_renderer('.html', 'pyramid.chameleon_zpt.renderer_factory')

to render your front-end inedx.html directly, instead of a pyramid index template.

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