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I'm using Jetty 8.1.12 and essentially what I want to do is just lock access to one webapp with a username / password. I cannot modify the webapp itself so I would like to do this through Jetty configuration only and not having to change anything in the webapp (including web.xml).

Most of the documentation I've found has me modifying web.xml so I created a small test app just to get something up and running but even that doesn't work.

I followed this documentation: http://www.eclipse.org/jetty/documentation/current/quickstart-config-what.html#intro-jetty-configuration-webapps

However, even on my test app where I can edit the web.xml file and add the section as described in the documentation above, it still doesn't work. I don't get any authentication prompt and I don't see any errors in the webserver logs.

1) Can anybody think of something that I can try to get this to work.

2) Assuming I get this working eventually, is there any way to get around the editing of the web.xml file and do this purely as a jetty config?

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I finally got this working. The link above is missing a critical part in web.xml: <security-constraint> <web-resource-collection> <web-resource-name>Locked</web-resource-name> <url-pattern>/*</url-pattern> </web-resource-collection> <auth-constraint> <role-name>user</role-name> </auth-constraint> </security-constraint> I added this to my web.xml in addition to the <login-config> section mentioned and that did the trick. My second question still remains. How do I do this without editing around with web.xml at all? –  StFS Aug 10 '13 at 1:45
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