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I have been looking around the web for tips, scripts and tutorials on how to add a friends system to a php members website. The stuff I did find was very old or lacking in detail so I thought I should just make it myself. Can people help me get started? :)

I was thinking of the idea of a table with 3 or 4 fields: Main Id, Member 1 ID(sender), Member 2 Id(Reciever), Friend Since.

But I dont quite know how to arrange the php/mysql code on page to friend/unfriend users.

Any help would be very appreciated.

  • How do I record the ID of the user profile I am on... $_SESSION['id'] (the member logged in) would be member 1 in the table, and the profile I click on to add as a friend while i am logged in would be member 2 if that makes sense? Its easy to get the SessionID, but how can I record the other ID?
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This question is too broad, there are too many possible answers and it's subjective. Just start building your site and come back with your code when you got a problem. –  elclanrs Aug 10 '13 at 2:18
Okay, there is a more specific issue –  James Aug 10 '13 at 2:26
Might be what you are looking for. vasplus.info/… –  Malcolm Aug 10 '13 at 2:28
Thanks Malcolm I might use that. I saw that before and although it was all done for me it looked hard to understand and implement to my own website xD –  James Aug 10 '13 at 2:32

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There is this great (but a tad bit out-dated, IMO) 15 part tutorial series:


The author's name is Adam Khoury and he maintains a website that also hosts the code that he develops and presents in the tutorial series:

  1. Social Network Website Building Tutorial Series Intro and Design Template Production
  2. Database Creation and PHP MySQLi Connection Script Tutorial
  3. MySQL Database Tables Creation PHP Script Logic Tutorial
  4. Establish htaccess and php.ini for apache web site server configuration tutorial
  5. Create the Main JavaScript Module and Insert Other Modules Tutorial
  6. PHP Tutorial - Log In Form - Log Out Script - Cookies and Sessions - User Profile
  7. Sign Up Form and Email Activation PHP MySQL JavaScript Programming Tutorial
  8. Cron Job Automate Social Network Web Site Maintenance PHP Tutorial
  9. Forgot Account Password Form Email Script Ajax PHP MySQL Tutorial
  10. Friend and Block System PHP MySQL Ajax Tutorial Social Network Website Development
  11. Header Logic Dynamic Links PHP MySQL Website Tutorial Free Example Script
  12. Friend Lists and Social Website Notifications PHP MYSQL JavaScript Ajax Tutorial
  13. User Profile Photo File Upload HTML Form Tutorial PHP Parse Script MySQL
  14. Ajax Tutorial Photo Gallery Programming CMS PHP MySQL JavaScript
  15. Ajax PHP MySQL Tutorial Conversation System For Social Network Websites

I think that's exactly what you require and need.

Plus, he has a bunch of other related tutorials that are worth checking out.

And like I said, IMO it may not be the most up to date (which is debatable as it's mainly procedural and doesn't use PDO), nor is it the most secure, but it shows you the concepts behind implementing one.

So, if you want to know the dynamics behind creating a social network, go through this series, and after digesting all the information explored therein, you can use those concepts to expand on it later at your leisure.

Good luck!

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hmm.. this is what I tried before. Except his javascript refused to work for me. It was enabled. When I turned it off I saw the difference. But when I attempted to test it like he did nothing happened. –  James Aug 10 '13 at 11:19
@James: the only other thing I can suggest is that you contact him and raise your concerns. Without knowledge of what problems to which you're referring, he's the best person who can assist you. –  jrd1 Aug 11 '13 at 10:16

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