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opera and chrome show a nice date picker for input type date so my question is does the calender display have an id so i can hide it once the user selects a date ?

--the way it currently is that you have to click outside of the control for it to hide
... so was hacking at it and i got it to simulate ... var $focused = $(':focus'); $focused.toggle(); $focused.toggle();
ughhh i hate js but any way i was wondering if theres some documentation on this date control to change and customize it. i have read the w3 specs but nothing of much help. or maybe a better way to do it thru jquery.

thanks for the help

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You can give it an ID and onblur disable/hide it from view? –  Sterling Archer Aug 10 '13 at 2:42
In what way do you want to hide it? –  putvande Aug 10 '13 at 8:09

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This is the default behavior of the datepicker if you will use input type date.

You can use jQuery datepicker, if you want to hide datepicker popup after selecting date, by using onSelect option.

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