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I want to match FDSize: <value> in the following:

Gid:    48      48      48      48
FDSize: 64
Groups: 48 425
VmPeak:   289928 kB

It comes from /proc/status

<value> is not a fixed length, and neither are the lines above or below.

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Why with PHP? And what's the problem? Parsing the file? Coming up with a regex? And is there always only one FDSize you're interested in? – Bart Kiers Nov 29 '09 at 16:00

Try something like this:

preg_match_all('`FDSize: (\\d+)`s', $subject, $matches);
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Not really sure why/how/when you have to do this. I should've asked questions before posting an answer but i didn't. Here are some ways to get that out of a line though...

$line = 'Gid: 48 48 48 48 FDSize: 64 Groups: 48 425 VmPeak: 289928 kB';

// in a loop...
echo current( explode(' ', end( explode( 'FDSize: ', $line ) ) ) );

// or

preg_match_all('~fdsize: (\d+)~i', $line, $matches);
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$mystr='Gid: 48 48 48 48 FDSize: 64 Groups: 48 425 VmPeak: 289928 kB';
$str = explode(":",$mystr);
foreach($str as $k=>$word){
    if(strpos($word,"FDSize") !== FALSE){
        print $str[$k+1];
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You should always avoid loops if you can – Galen Nov 29 '09 at 16:14
that's bullshit. where did you get this notion. – ghostdog74 Nov 30 '09 at 0:13


preg_match_all("/FDSize:\s([0-9]+)/msiU", $data_in, $matches);

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