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Supposing the route

map.resources :articles

how do you get this


using link_to method?

tried the following:

link_to articles_path(:most_popular) # exception
link_to articles_path(:most_popular => nil) # /articles
link_to articles_path(:most_popular => true) # /articles?most_popular=true

note: i'm using inherited_resources with has_scope

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If you don't add a value to the parameters you will not be respecting the W3C standard, which mandates that the params section has the form field=value.

I recommend that you add a new :most_popular action to your articles controller instead.

On your routes.rb:

map.resources :articles, :collection => {:most_popular=>:get}

On your controller:

class ArticlesController < ApplicationController
def most_popular
  @articles = ...

On your views:

link_to most_popular_articles_path() # /articles/most_popular

This will be HTML-compliant, your urls will look practically the same (changing one ? by one /) and your controller will be simplified (you will have the most_popular action separated from the index).


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I do code exactly like this. However I started to refactor my code lately and wonder how RESTFUL and/or recoomoended it this approach. Is not the "most popular" rather a assitional filter to index, so rather a query option (filter=most_popular) – gorn Nov 18 '13 at 21:12
Restful doesn't mean CRUD-only. It means that every url can be tought of as a resource. The question is: are the most popular articles different enough from the regular articles to deserve their own resource? The answer is not "I must have CRUD". It's "it depends on the application". If they are not very important, adding a filter param would be enough. If they were super important, they would deserve their own controller, probably. My solution is intermediate. – kikito Nov 21 '13 at 10:20
Yes, this is very insighteful. Thanks gorn – gorn Apr 12 '14 at 17:48

The last example you have:

link_to articles_path(:most_popular => true) # /articles?most_popular=true

Is the correct way. Otherwise you could just construct the link by hand:

<a href="<%= articles_path %>?most_popular">articles</a>
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