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I have a model relation of: event -> has many schedules schedule -> has one address

I wanted to have a extra textfield in the address form which allows user to enter an address and click 'search button', so that user can ajax select the geocoder addresses.

however, I can't seem to create an custom(non model related) textfield or button

form do |f|
f.inputs do
  f.input :title
  f.input :category
  f.input :avatar, :as => :file
  f.input :description, as: :html_editor

  f.has_many :schedules do |schedule|
    schedule.inputs "Schedules" do

      link_to("Auto Fill Address", find_location_path)
      schedule.inputs "Address", :for => [:address, schedule.object.address || Address.new] do |address|
        address.input :full_address
        address.input :city
        address.input :country, :include_blank => true
        address.input :postcode
        address.input :latitude
        address.input :longitude

      #schedule times
      schedule.input :start_time, :as => :just_datetime_picker 
      schedule.input :end_time, :as => :just_datetime_picker


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you can create a custom input stackoverflow.com/a/12466213/832759 or may be address.action, :submit, :as => :button would work? –  j03w Aug 10 '13 at 15:02
I actually end up with address.actions do with a link_to inside, and that worked :). cheers for the hint ! –  phil88530 Aug 13 '13 at 15:22

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