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I want to perform following actions at the server side:

1) Scrape a webpage
2) Simulate a click on that page and then navigate to the new page.
3) Scrape the new page
4) Simulate some button clicks on the new page
5) Sending the data back to the client via json or something

I am thinking of using it with Node.js.

But am confused as to which module should i use
a) Zombie
b) Node.io
c) Phantomjs
e) Anything else

I have installed node,io but am not able to run it via command prompt.

PS: I am working in windows 2008 server

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Zombie.js and Node.io run on JSDOM, hence your options are either going with JSDOM (or any equivalent wrapper), headless browser (PhantomJS, SlimerJS) or Cheerio.

  • JSDOM is fairly slow because it has to recreate DOM and CSSOM in node.js.
  • PhantomJS/SlimerJS are proper headless browsers, thus performances are ok and those are also very reliable.
  • Cheerio is a light alternative to JSDOM. It doesn't recreate the entire page in node.js (it just download and parse the DOM) therefore you can't really click on buttons/links, but it's very fast to scrape the webpage.

Given your requirements, I'd probably go with something like a headless browser. In particular, I'd choose CasperJS because it has a nice and expressive API, it's fast and reliable (it doesn't need to reinvent the wheel on how to parse and render the dom or css like JSDOM) and it's very easy to interact with elements such as buttons and links.

Your workflow in CasperJS will look more or less like this:


    // scrape something
    // scrape something else
  thenOpen("http://myserver.com", {
    method: "post",
    data: {
        my: 'data',
  }, function() {
      this.echo("data sent back to the server")

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Also what is your view on using zombie' –  user2129794 Aug 11 '13 at 10:31
In my experience Zombie is not as reliable as PhantomJS or CasperJS. Sometimes the flow is interrupted by very weird glitches and I can't seem to understand when to use buttons, clicks, links, etc to navigate the page. However, it's nice to have Node running the scraping and not an external process. I guess it really depends on your application. If you can work around the fact that an external service is doing the scraping, go with and headless browser. –  danielepolencic Aug 11 '13 at 18:02

The modules you listed do the following:

  • Phantomjs/Zombie - simulate browser (headless - nothing is actually displayed). Can be used for scraping static or dynamic. Or testing of your html pages.
  • Node.io/jsdom - webscraping : extracting data from page (static).

Looking at your requirements, you could use phantom or zombie.

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