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I want to learn to implement web services using soap in php. I also want to utilize the service using java client. I am interested in soap protocol and if there is some othere better protocol.

My research: I got many online tutorials on implementing web service using soap in php. I also got greate content on soap protocol.

My question: How to utilize that service using java client? Is it possible? Can you refer me to tutorial which serves my need? Is there any good book that i can purchase. I also want to know how can a php soap server authenticate a java client. Is authentication done for each request or maintaining session is possible.

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So you did not find any tutorial telling you how to implement a Java based SOAP client? –  home Aug 10 '13 at 11:06
@home: yes i did not find one. –  Rohan Pujari Aug 10 '13 at 11:39

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By definition:

Web Services have been designed to support interoperable Machine to Machine interaction over a network.

So consuming a web service is independent of the implementation technology of the web service, now you can search for "implement a Java based SOAP client" on SO.

plus check below URLs:

Java Client – PHP Soapserver

And THIS free book by Nan-Chao Huang.

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