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I have a PDF form which is used for the purpose of creating inspection reports. I am currently using a c# WinForms GUI to accept data from users, insert this data into an MSSQL DB, and populate said PDF Form. The latter is achieved using the iTextSharp library.

I have been receiving requests that the process be reversed, whereby, the users enter the data into the form, for a more visually appealing interface, then, through means of a PDF button or something similar, take the data from the form fields in the background, and save it to the DB. So the flow would be: Users populate PDF Form > Button clicked > Data saved to DB > PDF Form saved to local machine.

Can anybody recommend a way of acheiving this? If there is a way of making PDF Buttons invoke C# scripts, that would be ideal, as I could simply have the button save the form, and then invoke a script passing the form filepath as a parameter.

Thanks in advance.

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for a more visually appealing interface - You're looking for WPF. winforms does not support "visually appealing" stuff. –  HighCore Sep 18 '13 at 18:32

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My preference would be to use a web interface or, as HighCore mentioned, WPF.

Acrobat does allow for a database interface with PDF forms. Look here at Adobe's website. The other option is that PDFs support JavaScript so you could use that to post data to a web service.

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