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I'm trying to implement routes into my bootstrap file with this code ;

protected function _initRoutes()
	$router = $this->getResource('frontController')->getRouter();

	    new Zend_Controller_Router_Route
                'controller' => 'users',
                'action'    => 'profil'

but it doesn't work since I get 'Call to a member function getRouter() on a non-object in...' error.

How can I get the controller from bootstrap ?

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I believe that your problem is that where you are calling


the FrontController resource has not yet been initialized.

I called the same method in this fashion (which won't work in Zend Framework 2.0 but works for now):


Alternatively you can make certain that your front controller is initialized like this:


$front =  $this->getResource('FrontController');
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You could try:

$front  = Zend_Controller_Front::getInstance();
$router = $front->getRouter();

And if you run into any issues these are most likely your culprits:

require_once 'Zend/Controller/Front.php';    
require_once 'Zend/Controller/Router/Route.php';
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Shouldn't you not have to manually include those classes due to Zend's ability to auto-load classes? I'd typically avoid that at all costs. – jackyalcine Jun 3 '12 at 23:15

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