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I have a vector having temperatures in Celsius. How shall I create a new vector which will store converted temperatures(converted using a static formula) in Fahrenheit?

I think there would be a better way than using a loop.

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use transform – billz Aug 10 '13 at 12:45
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In C++11, you can write lambda -

               [](double c) -> double { return c * 1.8 + 32; });
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You may use std::transform

std::transform(inputVector.begin(), inputVector.end(), std::back_inserter(outputVectot), CToF)

where CToF is function that convert temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit

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You might use std::transform with a std::back_insert_iterator

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Most folks are mentioning std::transform which is excellent, and Mahesh's answer in particular is great. However, you might also want to note that a C++11 for loop is actually shorter and arguably more readable in this case since you have such a simple transform:

for (auto c : celVector) fahVector.push_back(c * 1.8 + 32);

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