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I've got a MovieClip containing several child clips (images and text).

I'm trying to scale this parent clip very slowly - from 102% down to 98% - this works, however the child movie clips are all scaling a bit jerkily - like they're trying to stick to pixels or something. What's the cure for this?

The scaling is done by using a motion tween on the timeline by the way. I've tried to tick "Cache Bitmap" but that makes no difference.

If I used the 3D motion tween, there is no jerkyness. But I need to publish to flash 9, so can't use that!



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Try the following: - convert all text fields to bitmap snapshots - if you 'must' use text fields, make sure that antiAliasType is set to AntiAliasType.NORMAL - set smoothing equal to true on all bitmaps - set pixelSnapping to PixelSnapping.NEVER on all bitmaps

I wouldn't set cacheAsBitmap to true b/c you are scaling the clip which will cause the player to redraw the cache every frame.

Good luck!

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yep - textfield to antialias for animation, plus images to smoothing = on. doh! –  Guy Bowden Dec 1 '09 at 7:56

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