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When I remove a previously added VirtualHost from the hosts list of a running component, then the virtual host still keeps being used.

    Component component = new Component();
    component.getServers().add(Protocol.HTTP, 8080);

    VirtualHost host = new VirtualHost(new Context());
    System.out.println("Stopping myhost");

After 5 seconds a GET query to http://myhost.org should give the output of DefaultResource, but it keeps giving the output of MyHostResource, but only after submitting a GET during the first 5 seconds. It seems that some routing information is keept in a cache.

I am currently building an OSGi application with dynamic insertion/removal of VirtualHosts. But if the virtual host is not correctly disconnected I get ServiceUnavailableExeptions as a result.

How should I remove the virtual host and update the routing caches correctly?


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I found it. Calling


did the trick.

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