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I have a “remember me” cookie login system I am working on. The cookies stored are:

  1. int of user ID (I figure this is safe as the user cannot login with the ID)
  2. A 128 char alphanumeric random string used as the remember me key—this is sha512 hashed with a salt and pepper in the database

Each “remember me session” lasts for up to one year—or until they login and is not refreshed on each page load.

I don't know how long brute forcing with cookies takes but given the length of the random string the attacker would need to guess, is there any need to worry about brute force attacks given they would have up to one year to do it?

If yes, I was thinking when I check to see if they're remembered if:

  1. Both cookies above are set
  2. The user ID is valid
  3. The remember key is not valid

I could clear the remember key and date from the database. Or is that overkill?

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