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I'm looking for GPS metadata inside a photo. I know I can use ExifTool and many other tools but I want to analyse the photograph at hex level. So I read that Exif metadata is stored in an APP1 section and there may be more than one APP1 section. The application data in an Exif APP1 section begins with: 45 78 69 66 00 00 So I looked around there, but nothing.

I then looked at the exif-spec for GPS ( and it said that latitude is at offset 0x0002. Offset 0x0002 is the header of the JPG (FF D8 FF).

At the top of the top of the exif GPS specs, it says that the tags may be in a different IFD(image file directory) within the exif information.

So I'm a bit confused now. Anyone know a proven method of viewing GPS exif in hex?

Thanks in advance.

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Yes. ExifTool to the rescue:

1) exiftool -htmldump image.jpg > out.html

2) open "out.html" with your favourite web browser

As far as I know, ExifTool is the best (only?) hex dump utility for TIFF/EXIF metadata.

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