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I have installed Maven (latest version available in Internet) in my system. I am using windows 7. In command prompt, the version is showing correctly (through mvn -version command); but there is no file is available in C:\Users\Prabodh.m2\repository.... I am not sure why this problem is occurring...

Please let me know what are the files should be present there in a typical/standard installation; and what is the possible reason I am not being able to access them...

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which file you are expecting settings.xml ?? –  saurav Aug 10 '13 at 16:46
No file will be there until you run maven or put a file there. –  bmargulies Aug 10 '13 at 17:04
Nothing should be there by default. –  Jarrod Roberson Aug 10 '13 at 17:31

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Maven starts as an empty plugin execution framework. So as long as Maven hasn't done a thing, your local repository will stay empty.

Try mvn help:help on the commandline (any directory will do). This way you will get the help description of the maven-help plugin. Be warned, the first time it'll download quite a lot. But if you execute mvn help:help for a second time, all its required code is already available in your local repository, so it'll display the help very fast.

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If you are looking for settings.xml then here is the answer -

The settings file is never created automatically, you must create it yourself, whether you use embedded or "real" maven.

Create it at the following location <your home folder>/.m2/settings.xml e.g. in your case C:\Users\Prabodh\.m2\settings.xml

And at the location C:\Users\Prabodh\.m2\repository maven will install all the jars from the Maven Central Repo when you build the project for first time.

For more I would highly recommend you to go through this Maven Specs for Settings.xml.

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