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I'm trying to use the "GET search/tweets" API to get search data from twitter. Before API v1.1 it was fairly easy to do using Ajax, but now I need to use OAuth, and I'm completely lost. I have grabbed the TwitterOAuth PHP library from https://github.com/abraham/twitteroauth, and I've been trying to figure it out. I'm relatively new to using APIs in this way.

The sample usage for TwitterOAuth is a case where the user of the app enters their own credentials and gets a token that is then used to authorize interaction with Twitter through the app. However, I do not want users to log in. I am building a twitter search cloud, so I want the search to be performed on page load, without the user needing to interact with it. I suspect that what I will need to do is hard-code my own credentials somewhere, and use those to get the token. I do have an access token and secret that was generated from my app page. I am not certain what I need to do with those before I can make a GET request through the API.

What steps do I need to take in order to authenticate the page's requests for search results? Do I need to repeat these steps each time I make a request (for example, if I update the results every few minutes or on page refresh), or does the authentication persist? Which steps are not required if I already have a single, static set of credentials I want to use every time, and do not need users to log in? Do I need to go through the steps in the TwitterOAuth example to get temporary credentials, and then long-lasting credentials, or can I just skip through to example step 8, where I build the TwitterOAuth object?

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