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I'm attempting to convert a Git repo to Mercurial using hg convert, but I keep running into this problem on a specific changeset:

scanning source...
376 Added curtain.js files.
fatal: Path '.gitmodules' does not exist in '31627edc0c80332d93e694cb0ed379531fbc9de0'
abort: cannot read submodules config file in 31627edc0c80332d93e694cb0ed379531fbc9de0

I haven't used any git modules, and there's never been a .gitmodules file as far as I know. I've tried adding the file manually before running the conversion, but it still crashes with the same message, only Path '.gitmodules' exists on disk, but not in [...] instead. I've been searching everywhere, but have been unable to find a solution to this problem. I did find a link to the git converter plugin if it helps anyone.

Many thanks for reading.

Best regards, dimhoLt

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