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I have different models e.g., etc. Some how tables are being created following pocoo link, which required to be invoked from terminal.


    def init_db():
        import model.model1
        import model.model2

This is not working, rather requires to be invoked from terminal.

>> from database import init_db
>> init_db() #works

enter image description here

from sqlalchemy import create_engine
from sqlalchemy.orm import scoped_session, sessionmaker
from sqlalchemy.ext.declarative import declarative_base

engine = create_engine('sqlite:///xyz.sqlite', echo=True)
db_session = scoped_session(sessionmaker(autocommit=False,
Base = declarative_base()
Base.query = db_session.query_property()

def init_db():
   import model.admin # from model.admin import User doesnt help either
   import model.role

if __name__ == '__main__':

from sqlalchemy import Column, Integer, String
from database import Base

class User(Base):
    __tablename__ = 'users'
    id = Column(Integer, primary_key=True)
    name = Column(String(50), unique=True)
    email = Column(String(120), unique=True)

    def __init__(self, name=None, email=None): = name = email

    def __repr__(self):
        return '<User %r>' % (

There are no errors although an empty db file is generated. How can database be created from multiple models?

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What does your file look like? – Pakman Nov 19 '13 at 16:42
I got the same problem, can anyone help? – Suge Dec 13 '13 at 5:21

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I'm not sure why invoking directly from command line triggers table creation for you but I've always structured my Flask apps ala Digital Ocean's guide. Something that wasn't noted explicitly in the quide is the fact that you need to initialize your blueprints first before create_all is able to build the database tables for you.

(Your code as it is, lacks blueprints. Maybe try to create some first then try again?)

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