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I've looked everywhere to center text in a window and I believe I found the best solution (I believe... I'm up for other suggestions). However, I get these annoying scroll bars on both sides no matter how large or small the window is.

Can you guys take a look at this code/fiddle and let me know why the scroll bars are there and how to remove them?

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <link href='' rel='stylesheet'       type='text/css'>
    body {
        font-family: 'Asset', cursive;
        font-size: 100px;
        text-shadow: 4px 4px 4px #aaa;

        width: 100%;
        height: 100%;

    div {
        display: table;

    h1 {
        display: table-cell;
        vertical-align: middle;


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Just add to body:

margin: 0;
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Yep, that was it. Thanks! – Keven Aug 10 '13 at 17:55
If the answer solved your problem, I'd appreciate it if you marked it as accepted :) – Nicklas Nygren Aug 10 '13 at 17:56
I will. As soon as it allows me to... a few more minutes. – Keven Aug 10 '13 at 17:59
Ah, of course! Silly me. – Nicklas Nygren Aug 10 '13 at 18:23

you can remove the scrollbars like this.

overflow: hidden;
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yeah, this also worked. Thanks! – Keven Aug 10 '13 at 17:56
please vote me as best answer :) no problem :) – Ali Aug 10 '13 at 17:56
Nicklas beat you to it so I'm afraid he's the winner.... but +1 for a working answer. – Keven Aug 10 '13 at 18:00
yea ok no problem. thanks for +1 anyway :) – Ali Aug 10 '13 at 18:02

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