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basically i have coded a program in C using MPI where in the struct variable is to be sent in a ring fashion to the processes and based on the value received from that variable the work for that particular process is assigned. The problem is i need to know how to to send a struct variable in MPI_Send() function as it is giving INVALID DATATYPE at the runtime , Consider the follwing EG

struct info{

 int ne, n, u, v, process,min,strip,mincost,b;


MPI_Send(&stat,sizeof(stat),sizeof(struct info),1,2,MPI_COMM_WORLD);

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try this

MPI_Send(&stat,sizeof(struct info),MPI_CHAR,1,2,MPI_COMM_WORLD);
MPI_Recv(&data,sizeof(struct info), MPI_CHAR, 0, DEFAULT_TAG, MPI_COMM_WORLD, &status);
stat = (struct info *) data;
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Do you have some comment why these lines? – Vladimir F Dec 9 '14 at 21:46

You have to do some operation before send a struct. I wrote the code for your example but for understand better you should read some documentation. Anyway, here some tips:

  • If you have a struct just with a kind of elements, like in your example that all the vars are int, is better for you to send a vector taking care the position of each variable.
  • If you had other vars of another kind, you have to set count to 2 or more and change all the other arrays (e.g: array_of_types, array_of_blocklengths et cetera).
  • You can calculate the values of *array_of_displaysments* on your own in that case take care of the Data structure alignment. If for example you have the struct that follows, x will start from 0 but y from 8, because a padding of 4 bytes will be add to align the elements. struct point{ int x; double y; };
  • If you don't want to calculate the array_of_displaysments always use MPI_Get_Address and do not relay on the & operator.

Here the code:

struct info{
    int ne, n, u, v, process,min,strip,mincost,b;

int main(...){


struct info _info,  

int count; //Says how many kinds of data your structure has
count = 1; //1, 'cause you just have int

//Says the type of every block
MPI_Datatype array_of_types[count];
//You just have int
array_of_types[0] = MPI_INT;

//Says how many elements for block
int array_of_blocklengths[count];
//You have 8 int
array_of_blocklengths[0] = {8};

/*Says where every block starts in memory, counting from the beginning of the struct.*/
MPI_Aint array_of_displaysments[coun];
MPI_Aint address1, address2;
array_of_displaysments[0] = address2 - address1;

/*Create MPI Datatype and commit*/
MPI_Datatype stat_type;
MPI_Type_create_struct(count, array_of_blocklengths, array_of_displaysments, array_of_types, &stat_type);

//Now we are ready to send
MPI_Send(&_info, 1, stat_type, dest, tag, comm),

/* . . . */

// Free datatype

// MPI finalization
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