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Fixture contain list of contacts and each contact has contact type. I am trying to filtrate contact records using .findQuery() but it is throwing following error :

Uncaught TypeError: Object function () {.....} has no method 'findQuery' 

I have listed my code here :

Grid.Store = DS.Store.extend({
                  revision: 12,
                  adapter: 'DS.FixtureAdapter'

    Grid.ModalModel =  DS.Model.extend({
    fname: DS.attr('string'),
    lname: DS.attr('string'),
    email: DS.attr('string'),
    contactno: DS.attr('string'),
    gendertype: DS.attr('boolean'),
    contactype: DS.attr('number')

Grid.ModalModel.FIXTURES = [
                         id: 1,
                         fname: "sachin",
                         lname: "gh",
                         email: "gh",
                         contactno: "4542154",
                         gendertype: true,
                         contactype: 1
                         id: 2,
                         fname: "amit",
                         lname: "gh",
                         email: "gh",
                         contactno: "4542154",
                         gendertype: true,
                         contactype: 2
                         id: 3,
                         fname: "namit",
                         lname: "gh",
                         email: "gh",
                         contactno: "4542154",
                         gendertype: true,
                         contactype: 1

Controller Code:

        return Grid.ModalModel.findQuery({ contactype: 2 }).get('length'); 
        return Grid.ModalModel.findQuery({ contactype: 3 }).get('length'); 

I have changed .findQuery to .query but every time it is showing length as 0.

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Just change findQuery to query.

After this a error message will appear in console:

Assertion failed: Not implemented: You must override the DS.FixtureAdapter::queryFixtures method to support querying the fixture store. 

Like the message explain, just implement the DS.FixtureAdapter#queryFixtures. The parameters passed to queryFixtures is: records, query, type. Where:

  • Records is an array of plain javascript objects, that you will filter.
  • Query is the object passed to query method of your ember data class.
  • Type is the ember data class, where the query is call.

And the return is the filtered data.

For example, to perform a simple where like:

App.Person.query({ firstName: 'Tom' })

Just reopen your DS.FixtureAdapter with:

    queryFixtures: function(records, query, type) {        
        return records.filter(function(record) {
            for(var key in query) {
                if (!query.hasOwnProperty(key)) { continue; }
                var value = query[key];
                if (record[key] !== value) { return false; }
            return true;

Here is a live demo.

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I was about to post an answer but you augmented your answer very well so upvote for you :) –  intuitivepixel Aug 10 '13 at 20:41
Thanks @intuitivepixel! Because ember-data lacks in some tutorials, sometimes I spend some time to provide additional info about the problem, when I have time :) –  Marcio Junior Aug 10 '13 at 20:53
Thanks,@MárcioRodriguesCorreaJúnior It is working now But every time i am getting length as 0. –  Sachin Kumbharkar Aug 11 '13 at 4:42
Strange, to me works, give a look jsfiddle.net/marciojunior/GYbeT. –  Marcio Junior Aug 11 '13 at 18:02

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