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I'm writing a python webapp (on Google AppEngine, using webob) that should process a form containing a list of addresses.

To simplify, lets say the form contains these inputs:

  <input type="hidden" name="address[]" value="1" />
  <input type="hidden" name="address[]" value="2" />
  <input type="hidden" name="address[]" value="3" />
  <input type="hidden" name="address[]" value="4" />

Now, Rails\PHP would parse this to a single 'address' value containing a list [1,2,3,4]. Is there a simple way to do this in Python?

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from inside a RequestHandler method, self.request.params.getall('address[]') will return a list of the values. The [] is of no significance though, the fields could just as easily be named 'address'.

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The [] is a PHP-ism that I wish people would stop using. –  Daniel Roseman Aug 11 '13 at 8:49
@DanielRoseman why? –  arikfr Aug 11 '13 at 12:38

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