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I'm trying to start the rtsp stream via feeding ffmpeg with static images and feeding ffserver with ffmpeg output.

The first problem appears from the ffserver.config:

Port 12345
RTSPPort 8544
MaxHTTPConnections 2000
MaxClients 1000
MaxBandwidth 1000
CustomLog /var/log/ffserver-access.log
  <Feed videofeed.ffm>
File /tmp/videofeed.ffm
FileMaxSize 3M
#Launch ffmpeg -s 640x480 -f video4linux2 -i /dev/video0
#Launch ffmpeg http://localhost:8090/videofeed.ffm
Launch ffmpeg -loop 1 -f image2 -r 20 -b 9600 -i Janalif.jpg -t 30 -report
ACL allow
  <Stream test1-rtsp.mpg>
Format rtsp
Feed videofeed.ffm
Format flv
VideoCodec flv
VideoFrameRate 30
VideoBufferSize 80000
VideoBitRate 200
VideoQMin 1
VideoQMax 5
VideoSize 640x480
PreRoll 1
  <Stream index.html>
Format status

Please ignore codecs etc in stream part. The problem appears for RTSPPort, after starting the server nmap shows no binding to 8544, only 12345 port is used.

8090/tcp  open  unknown
12345/tcp open  netbus

I can download mpeg stream through http from http://localhost:12345/test1-rtsp.mpg. How can I setup 8544 port working?

and another question is about Launch part of the stream. Am I right, that ffserver executes the content of Launch line? If so, how can i configure ffserver to wait the stream in some particular port, but start streaming at the moment I desire?

P.S. The solution looks like Säkkijärven polkka, hoowever the idea behind this construct is to provide the controlled rtsp stream to emulate the camera output. In future I plan to substitute the command line for ffmpeg with some java bindings for it to produce the program-controlled images to the camera input to test the computer vision, that's why I need a way to launch ffmpeg independently on ffserver.

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As I have realized, Launch line is not mandatory; I actually can start my ffmpeg separately and I enjoy it; but the question about rtsp port is still actual –  Ilya Yevlampiev Aug 10 '13 at 23:03

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