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I have a form with a password entered twice. I check password complexity and consistency and display appropriate error messages into a popover attached to the INPUT field:

<a href="#" id="aIdPwd2" data-toggle="manual" data-content="The password entered does not match the one previously entered" data-placement="right" href="#" rel="popover">
<input type="password" id="iIdPwd2" class="fmt1" size="60" value=""/>

With this code:

$("#aIdPwd2").popover({content: msg});

You can chose dynamicaly the message that will be displayed. But once it has been displayed once, it will then always remain the same.

I read many articles about this popular issue and did try many things (attach 2 different popover to the same input, change the inner html in the getElementsByClassName("popover-content"), destroy and recreate the popover, ..), but without any success so far.

A solution on how to change content of a bootstrap popover that has already been displayed or any kind of work-around would be highly appreciated.

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document.getElementsByClassName("popover-content")[0].innerHTML = 'something else';

sure that this doesn't work?

tried it on this page and it works as expected.

UPDATE: it will work only if the popover is visible because the element is recreated/destroyed every mouseover/mouseout event

i guess it's not the best solution, but you can do this:

var msg = 'ben123 is not a goddamn password!';

document.getElementById('password').addEventListener('mouseover', function() {  
    document.getElementsByClassName("popover-content")[0].innerHTML = msg; 

and change msg when you need

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I've made a few more tests with this solution and found a few interresting things: 1) You need to make the $("#example").popover('show'); prior to set anything into document.getElementsByClassName("popover-content")[0].innerHTML or the element will not exist and this will cause an error. 2) If you trigger the javascript that display/set from the button, then you suffer from some tricky side effects, the popver being hidden automaticaly despite the data-toggle="manual", causing an error and messing the full chain of events. If you can deal with those 2 limitations, then it works. – Pr Shadoko Aug 12 '13 at 21:23
Can you share your test code, so I can check if I didn't miss anything? – Pr Shadoko Aug 12 '13 at 21:25
updated answer. – sUP Aug 12 '13 at 22:00
when you close a modal in bootstrap all its html will be removed so you are not going to find anything by getElementsByClassName("popover-content") for that modal – Nitin Jain Dec 21 '13 at 15:27

In Twitter Bootstrap 3, I just update the content and then call show. Calling of the show ensure that its resized correctly and then positioned correctly.


If you are using data tags to show the content then you will need to update the data tag as that takes precedence. eg.


I like the second option better coz it doesn;t access the internals by doing data(bs.popover) but the first options is much faster as it doesn't update the dom. So pick what floats your boat.

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To replace the contents of a popover on an element, first call destroy. Tested on Bootstrap 3.1.1

$("#aIdPwd2").popover('destroy').popover({content: msg});
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