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I didn't touch Actionscript in years but this blows my mind... It should be fairly easy, though.

Ok, I created a simple test scenario. I have a MovieClip in my Library named "mcTest". It's a simple square with the following actionscript on frame 1 (the only frame).

var test = false;

function setTest() {
  test = true;

this.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, click_handler);

function click_handler(e:MouseEvent) {

On the stage (frame 1, also the only frame) I have the following code:

var objTest:MovieClip = new mcTest();

When the project runs, the console gives me the expected "True". After clicking on the MovieClip, I get the unexpected "False". As if the variable was reset. What's going on? If I remove "objTest.setTest();" from the main stage and simply add the line "setTest();" inside the MovieClip itself, it gives the expected "True" when clicking on the MovieClip.

Btw, I'll move on to Class based approached with nicely typed variables and functions soon, but for now I stick with what I know ;)


Strange, when I modify the first line inside mcTest like this:

var test;

Or like this:

var test:Boolean;

The code works like expected. It seems that I shouldn't initialize my variable (and in well written code, use the constructor for that purpose of course)

Still, I don't understand why. If I remember correctly, the initial setup should work with older versions of Flash/Actionscript.

Just for my understanding; if anyone knows what is going on, please update me.

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what happens when you put trace(this) in the handler? –  Pier Aug 11 '13 at 0:31
trace(this) within the click_handler gives: [object mcTest] –  Geen Nonsens Aug 11 '13 at 8:05

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In setTest, you are declaring a new local variable named test which is why it is not saving.

var test = false;

function setTest(){
    trace(test); //will return undefined


Why? Because your code is in a movieclip. The var test = false code hasn't actually executed when it wasn't added to the stage (as the code only executes when the frame is executed, which has to be after it is added to the stage and a frame has to pass.

To test, have this in frame 1:

var objTest:MovieClip = new mcTest();
trace(objTest.test); //undefined

Have this in frame 2:


The result will be undefined and then false.

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Ah! That clarifies it! It makes total sense. Thank you very much for your explanation –  Geen Nonsens Aug 11 '13 at 11:43

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