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I am trying to aggregate business ratings for users into one collection using map reduce.

mapper = Code("""
              var userID = this.user_id;
              var business = this.business_id;
              var rating = this.stars;

              emit(userId, {business_id: business, stars: rating});

reducer = Code("""
              function(key, values){
              var results = new Object();
              results.values = values;
              return results;

I would expect to get {u'_id': u'--65q1FpAL_UQtVZ2PTGew', u'value': {business: rating}, {business: rating}}

but what I'm getting is {u'_id': u'--65q1FpAL_UQtVZ2PTGew', u'value': [u'values':[[u'values':[ u'values': [{business: rating}, {business: rating}...

how can I remove all of the extra 'values' tags from my output?

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I just tried what you posted, but couldn't duplicate your results. What version of MongoDB are you using? – llovett Sep 19 '13 at 22:47

Have you considered using aggregation instead? It's generally more efficient than mapReduce, and seems to be a better fit for your application. For example, an aggregation solution to your issue would be:

db.coll.aggregate({ $group: { _id: "$user_id", 
                    values: { $push: { business_id: "$business_id", 
                                       stars: "$stars" }}}});

You could then save the result to a new collection, or whatever else you like.

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