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So I am using Bootstrap 3 that has not long been released. They changed the markup a bit in comparison to Bootstrap 2.xx. Previously I asked the community on how I would center the buttons/links inside of a Boostrap navbar, and I was told that bootstrap offers a new class nav-justified. And when applied to a navbar it works brilliantly.

However my issue is that when I apply that it removes the style of a default the default look of bootstraps navbars. Sure it wouldn't be too hard to correct that with CSS but I'm wondering as to why just a center CSS class would remove the style of this? Check out my Jsfiddle to get a more clearer view on what I mean

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Bootstrap 3 hasn't not long been released, it hasn't been released at all yet. You're using a release candidate which may still have bugs in it, which might be why you're seeing problems – Bojangles Aug 10 '13 at 22:17
@Bojangles Ahh I see, thank you. – Ashley Brown Aug 10 '13 at 23:08
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Bootstrap 3 is still in RC1.
That means it's still on development and released for developers to be tested,you shouldn't download it unless you are a developer and a people who will help find bugs.
So what you need at the first is Bootstrap 2.3.2 because Bootstrap 3 was released at RC1 which means t's still on development and have alot of bugs... I already try bootstrap 3 there was alot of bugs i guess you shouldn't use Bootstrap 3 First until it's completely released.

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