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I'm trying to figure out how to get the hash name and key in the following situation. Say I have the following hash value:

set CLIENT(CAR) "Koenigsegg"

If I pass $CLIENT(CAR) into a proc, the value that is passed is "Koenigsegg". Is there a way to also capture the fact that the hash and key storing that value is 'CLIENT' and 'CAR', respectively?

For example:

proc foobar {item} {
  set the_item $item 

foobar $CLIENT(CAR)

In this example, the proc only receives the value of $CLIENT(CAR), which is "koenigsegg". The $item is "koenigsegg", but I don't know what kind of item it is. I'd like to get the hash name "CLIENT" and key "CAR" to know that "koenigsegg" it is a "client car".

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You can pass the name of the array into a proc, then use upvar to access it:

proc process_array {arrayName} {
    upvar 1 $arrayName myArray
    puts "Car is $myArray(CAR)"

set CLIENT(CAR) "Koenigsegg"
process_array CLIENT ;# Pass the name of the array, note: no dollar sign


Car is Koenigsegg

I hope this is what you are looking for.


So, you want to pass two things into the proc: the hash name (Tcl refers to it as "array") and the index name (CAR):

proc process_array {arrayName index} {
    upvar 1 $arrayName myArray
    puts "My array is $arrayName"
    puts "List of indices: [array names myArray]"
    puts "Car is $myArray($index)"

set CLIENT(CAR) "Koenigsegg"
process_array CLIENT CAR;# Pass the name of the array, note: no dollar sign


My array is CLIENT
List of indices: CAR
Car is Koenigsegg

Update 2

It seems that the original poster (OP) is asking for something like this:

process_array $CLIENT(CAR)

and expect the proc process_array to figure out the name of the array (CLIENT) and the index (CAR). This is not possible in my knowledge. When Tcl interpreter encounters the line above, it evaluates the $CLIENT(CAR) expression and the line becomes:

process_array Koenigsegg

That means within process_array, the proc has no idea about any array. All it knows is someone has passed to it a string "Koenigsegg".

Now, if you pass into the proc the name of the array, then it can figure out the array's name, any any indices the array has. Please see my previous code.

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I actually want to get the hash and key name "CLIENT" and "CAR". I've added an example to my post. –  kaspnord Aug 11 '13 at 1:19
Seems like there's some problem with the code. I changed some stuff to, namely: puts "My array is $arrayName", process_array CLIENT CAR and puts "List of indices: [array names myArray]". Is that what was originally intended? –  Jerry Aug 11 '13 at 8:29
Yes. Thank you to Jerry. I meant to type the dollar sign, but on the keyboard for iPad mini, it came out as the hash sign. The next two mistake were purely mine. –  Hai Vu Aug 11 '13 at 16:37
That still requires me to know the index 'CAR' beforehand. I simply want to pass into the proc $CLIENT(CAR), and be able to somehow obtain the hash and key name 'CLIENT' and 'CAR' in the proc itself. –  kaspnord Aug 14 '13 at 17:35
Please see my Update 2 –  Hai Vu Aug 14 '13 at 17:50

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