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I would like to use two autocmd, to highlight lines too long, and to highlight spaces at the end of lines, but I don't succeed, only the last of the two commands is displayed... Is it possible ?

Here is the lines concerned:

augroup vimrc_autocmds
    autocmd BufEnter * highlight OverLength ctermbg=darkgrey guibg=#592929
    autocmd BufEnter * match OverLength /\%81v.*/
    autocmd BufEnter * highlight UnwantedSpaces ctermbg=red guibg=#red
    autocmd BufEnter * match UnwantedSpaces /\s\+$/
augroup END
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You can only use one match at a time. If you want to use multiple you can use 2match and 3match. You only have three of these to use simultaneously without defining syntax highlighting for what you're trying to match.

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