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Is there a way to run a script in iPyton with the %run myscript.py so that it will take into consideration the things I have already entered in the interactive iPython console?


In [1]: asdf = 18

In [2]:

Then if myscript.py was:

print asdf

And it was ran from iPython like this:

In [2]: %run myscript.py

In [3]:

Can this be done?

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Try using the %load magic function, available in the IPython Notebook (qtconsole or web version). It allows you to load the contents of a file into a cell, edit them if you want, then run them in the current context.

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Thanks for aswering so quickly~ –  waha Aug 11 '13 at 2:48

Use %logstart/%logon and %logstop/%logoff. With these controls, you will have a python_log.py file that stores your history.

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